Stay Healthy by Making Roller Derby an Everyday Habit

We are living in a time when things like Internet, Facebook and video games have taken the place of outdoor activities and exercise. As a result, children under the age of 15 years are increasingly becoming obese. Obesity is one of the prime concerns for doctors today. It results in causing several severe diseases in children, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, poor appetite, cholesterol and many more. Even when parents force their children to do exercises, they find it boring and give it up in just few days. The question here is what is a way that will help in keeping children both healthy and motivated?

The answer is simple! If you can integrate physical activities with lots of fun, children will surely love it. Roller skates or it is a fun-filled sport that is also a form of exercise. Once a child will experience the fun and thrill of the game, he is sure to give away all his video games for healthy activities like this.

A person with an average size will spend over 413 calories by playing roller derby for just one hour. By playing three times a week, you can spend over 1000 calories. All these figures are given assuming that you are not pushing yourself too much as you skate. If you will do vigorous skating, you may lose as much as 600 calories in an hour. If you make playing with this as your regular habit, you will have a significant effect on losing or maintaining your weight.

According to the American Council on Exercise, outdoor activities like roller derby are good for weight loss, cardiovascular development and strengthening the muscles of your body. While you are maintaining your weight by playing roller derby, you are also giving your body a good workout and helping your heart to stay healthy.

The good thing about roller derby is that it can be done any time of the year. The only thing you need to take care about during the sport is your safety. You must be equipped with proper roller derby gears to protect your body from injuries. Roller derby pads like knee pads, elbow pads and mouth guards are important to safeguard the injury prone areas in your body. While the roller derby gears take care of your safety, they also give you the confidence to play freely without worrying about anything else.

It is not difficult to motivate the children to do physical activities. Simply replace the boring exercise routine with a fun-filled sport and see the magic!

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