A Banana Everyday Makes One Healthy

There is no better snack that provides a quick energy and health boost to the body than the banana. Three important natural sugars can be found in bananas namely sucrose, fructose and glucose that are combined with a fiber. Many researchers have proven that eating just two bananas can provide enough energy for the body to withstand a 90 minute strenuous workout. Bananas are also healing fruits that prevent a lot of diseases and help fight other ailments that one is having. That is why it is important to include at least one banana every meal in order to live a healthy life.

In hospitals, many doctors and therapists suggest bananas to their patients that have a low level of potassium because the fruit is rich in this substance. There was even a study that illustrated how a potassium rich fruit can increase the supremacy of the brain and the awareness of children when it comes to their education. People that are having a high blood pressure can take bananas because they are low in salt. These fruits can improve the mortality of strokes to as much as 40% for individuals. It helps the heart beat at a regular rate and it assists in transmitting oxygen towards the brain.

Banana is not just a tasty and healthy fruit that every individual should be eating. The skin itself is applied as a natural substitute to treat bites and warts. Inner portions of a banana peel can be used to apply to mosquito bites to lessen the inflammation and pain before applying any insect bite cream. The vitamin B that is enclosed in bananas can help calm the nervous system of our body. A significant function that is done by the vitamin B6 present in the fruit functions as a control for the blood glucose rates, which are also connected to the temperament of a person.

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